CASE Conf. Fundraising for Graduate and Professional Schools

January 25, 2007

Live from CASE in California! This ought to be a very exciting and informative couple of days. The agenda is packed with great sessions…now it’s about time to get the show  going!

Check out pix from the event!  That’s Leigh Perry, conference co-chair and Anne Marie Michel, presenter,  with the macow.

Check out Currentslatest edition–virtual community and alumni relations?!  gee what a topic…somebody ought’a talk about it…


Mobile Marketing–Hey wanna buy a car?

January 23, 2007

…then sms this number…

Peugeot  introduced its latest model–the biggest thing to happen with it in a decade–with a multimedia campaign, relying heavily on WAP and SMS. Results?  50% of those who interacted with it ordered a test drive.  1 in 5 visited the WAP site, according to the story @ moblie marketing magazine.  The folks at Peugeot say that in TV only campaigns the time from launch to decision to visit showroom can be 3 months.  In this effort it took 20 minutes.

Sure a buying a new car isn’t the same thing as investing in an education…among other things the car’s usually much cheaper…but can we ignore this trend?

Cell phone Apps

November 23, 2006

NYT gets  hip for turkey day with some cool apps for mobile phones…wanna call internationally for free?…free 411?  read on... and don’t eat too much!

The March Quickens…

November 7, 2006

Today’s WSJ reads like a convergence journal:

  • Front page–Verizon and YouTube in talks to offer YouTube content on phones and TV.
  • More on Google selling newspaper ads.
  • XBox to offer TV shows and movies.

Not enough time right at the moment for reflection, but worth calling your attention to this morning.

Convergence: the march continues

November 5, 2006

Sprint has announced a new mobile gaming opportunity, NFL Airplay. This game lets participants call the next play for any NFL game in real time. You score every time you correctly guess the next play. You can then compare your score with a group of friends or any of the wider community of users. For now the only prize is bragging rights, but you can wager there’ll be more to follow. Speaking of which, imagine the first game played with real NFL players in which the Sprint Airplay community votes on the next play, with the play with the most votes actually being played out on the field….

Friday’s NYT Escapes section Nov 3,2006,  features a resort in the virtual world of Secondlife.  There’s a little humor/irony that this feature should hit the same week that the latest fall in print newspaper readership was announced.  Did I mention that Reuters has opened a bureau in SecondLife?


Which will happen first: Starbucks on the corner starts taking
Linden dollars for that latte or  we find a “Save the Pixel” movement in SecondLife?