What Features are they looking for?

November 14, 2006

Karine Joly on her terrific blog, www.collegewebeditor.com, posts a report on a new study of what prospective college students look for in admissions web sites. As she puts it, this list makes for a good “to do” or at least wish list for your admissions site.

This got me curious about what various instituions are currently offering in terms of features on their sites, so I’ve launched a survey: Admissions Site Survey. Click over and take it! I’ll update this site with general results, and email greater detail to all who take part in it.


Web 2.0 New App

November 12, 2006

Am giving blogmailr a try from my online email account. This
new web 2.0 app is supposed to allow one to post blogs from any
email sending device…I’ll give it a shot with my phone next.