CASE Conf. Fundraising for Graduate and Professional Schools

January 25, 2007

Live from CASE in California! This ought to be a very exciting and informative couple of days. The agenda is packed with great sessions…now it’s about time to get the show  going!

Check out pix from the event!  That’s Leigh Perry, conference co-chair and Anne Marie Michel, presenter,  with the macow.

Check out Currentslatest edition–virtual community and alumni relations?!  gee what a topic…somebody ought’a talk about it…


Cell phone Apps

November 23, 2006

NYT gets  hip for turkey day with some cool apps for mobile phones…wanna call internationally for free?…free 411?  read on... and don’t eat too much!

sent from phone

November 12, 2006

Well it works! Am posting this frm mobile. While nifty I think ability to tie n2 outlook is its best feature.

Web2.0 business model and its meaning for NFPs

October 18, 2006

Twan Verdonck presents a new business model for the web2.0 age in his presentation @

Briefly, he proposes that the transactional model of business and consumer is being replaced with an interactive model of business and user in which business provides platform and tools so that user becomes a co-producer of value. 

Arguably, all the talk over the years of involving donors in the life of an NFP follows a similar sort of model, but I think it can be enormously helpful for us to step out of our own paradigm of charity/donor/gift transaction and think about what we do as providing a platform for partnering, whether online or in a soup kitchen.  Part of the usefulness of technology now available to us will be found in extending the “hands on” experiential nature of the soup kitchen to the wider world of charitable activity.